Darren Haney and Jeremy Kengla win this year’s Franklin County Fair Horseshoe Championships and take home the $100 cash prize but, more importantly, the year long bragging rights to the “Bobby Eiland Trophy”. They defeated the team of Justin Couthren and Ronnie Becker 2-1 in the finals. This was Couthren’s fourth runner-up finish (‘05, ‘06, ‘08, ‘17) and Becker’s third (‘06, ‘08, ‘17) making it quite the habit. The only players with as many are Jerry Cook (4), Kevin Speer (3), and Levi Jones (3). Larry Harris and Bobby Kaempfe finished 3rd in the contest with the team of Danny Brown and Kevin McCoy finishing 4th.

This was Haney’s 5th win (‘99, ‘01, ‘05, ‘09 ‘17), the most on the horseshoe circuit, and Kengla’s first (‘17). There’s two players with four wins: Bryan Hewitt and Jeff Dillard with all their wins coming as partners, like in a marriage. Haney’s wins have come with four different partners (Carl Haney, Troy Smothers, Shane Hobbs 2X, Jeremy Kengla). With the win, Kengla made a massive jump up the individual rankings list placing him just outside the top 25.

By Darren Haney