OZARK – Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus is pleased to announce its fall 2016 Chancellor’s List and Honor Roll, which are made up of 457 students.

Students with a 3.5-3.9 term grade point average (GPA) are named to the Honor Roll, and those with a 4.0 GPA are given the distinction of being on the Chancellor’s List.

Members of the fall 2016 Chancellor’s List and Honor Roll are listed below by city:

BOONEVILLE – Whitney Adair, Monica Adair (4.0), James Burtrom (4.0), Alexandra Canada (4.0), Ethan Cole, Annaliz Del Carmen, Laken Dornan (4.0), Kimberly Fennell (4.0), Katelyn Friday (4.0), Beau Haines, Justin Hardin, Trina Hastings (4.0), Dara Hunt (4.0), Nikki Maness, Stacey McCollough, Jarrod Pryor, Donna Read, Katelien Shott, Misty Simpson (4.0), Craig Taylor, Braeden Upton, Kaitlin Vance (4.0), Samantha Vandiver, Michele Wells (4.0), Charles Wharton;

CHARLESTON – Jamie Bangs, Monchanh Chansysoulat (4.0), Haley Crowley (4.0), Tanya Dedmon (4.0), Lauren Gattis (4.0), Zachary Marry (4.0), Harrison Newhart (4.0), Amber Parham (4.0), Kaitlyn Ralston, Lacie Sarten, Robert White (4.0), Maci Wisdom, Brandy Wood, Gabrielle Young;

GREENWOOD – Donna Bridges (4.0), Macie Cox (4.0), Lindsey Creek, Bow Franklin,

Wesley Herman, Zachariah Vonbargen, Whitney Weaver;

HACKETT – Michael Groomer (4.0), Cynthia King (4.0), Brenda Wiley (4.0);

LAVACA – Bethaney Blackwell, Leilaunee Cooper, Amber Michael (4.0), Caylie Murry;