I'm loving this weather

I’m loving this weather…………………Cool mornings……..cool evenings………………honestly not even bad during the day. I LIKE IT!

Sunday morning we had a wonderful sermon by Brother Andy. I know I’m enjoying listening to him. He can sure open my ears. It just seems like he is talking directly to me…………….so I listen. Thanks Brother Andy for that.

We were so happy to have the Jones family back with us this morning. They sure are a cute little family. Those kids are so sweet……………Our church now is home to Indians, Hillbillies, Tigers and Arrows………………Wow! I think this is the first time ever we have had so many connections to several schools. Makes us happy.

Several were absent, but several were back. Wow, if we could just all get on the same schedule, we’d have a houseful each week I guess. But this is life and we all are busy and have things to do. We are just blessed each week to have a nice church to worship in and receive the Lord’s blessings.

This week my heart was touched when I received a letter from a cousin of mine from California. Ken DeShan (Kenny as we all called him) is the grandson of the late Nagle DeShan of Cecil. His father was Kenneth, Nagle’s only son. Kenny spent a year here in Arkansas with his grandma DeShan back in 1976 and attended school at County Line for a year. That year made a huge impact on his life. Not only was he living with his grandma DeShan, but her three sisters lived in a house in the same yard. Ponca Andrews, Ota Belle (Toots) Ezell and Ora Andrews. They all thought Kenny was the grandest kid they had ever known and spoiled him rotten, as far as preparing him the foods he liked and pampering him. Kenny never forgot about that year spent here in Cecil. He went back to California, married, had a family, became a teacher, retired, is a grandpa and loving it. BUT because of Facebook he has stayed in my life and I’m so happy. Recently I posted an article about the Cecil Methodist Church $20,000 goal fundraiser. The next thing I knew, I received the sweetest letter from Kenny talking about his year her in Cecil and his family who are all gone now. Along with that letter he sent a check for $1,000 to the building fund to help meet the goal by October 1st. Nothing has touched my heart more than this wonderful gesture from Kenny. I know his Grandma DeShan and the rest of the family are smiling down on him now. Thank you Kenny for who you are and where your heart is.

Please keep all the people in Louisiana in your prayers. This is so heartbreaking and devastating. Each day, it just seems to continue. Pray for peace, comfort and for help for these people.

WELL this week was quite different for me than many others. Wednesday evening as I was cooking supper, a knock on my kitchen door got my attention. A gentleman was standing there, and looked at me and said “Maam, there is a Rattlesnake in your front yard”. I looked at him with surprise I’m sure, not really moving or anything, then he repeated his comment again, and said ” Maam, there is a Rattlesnake in your front yard”. By the second time it hit me what he was saying; I yelled at Bill who was sitting in his chair watching TV, he jumped up and took off outside, I ran out on the porch, and the man went back towards his truck. His truck was pulling a boat and had a young man in it also, I suppose he was keeping an eye on the snake while the other man was trying to let us know. We didn’t have a gun or ammunition handy so Bill ran and got on the zero turn mower and came in a hurry with I. The snake was coiled up under the tree within 8 or 10 foot of my porch, the tree that Harper, Griffin and Zander play under. The roots of this sweet gum tree grow on top of the ground therefore the snake was camouflaged and looked like one of the roots. It finally moved and when it did, I saw the white, and Bill did to, so he turned the mower quickly and ran over it………….There was no way we were going to let that thing get under my house and possibly into my house or even be somewhere in my yard where the kids are at. He got the snake killed. It had 8 rattlers and a button and was 4’ long. I have lived here all my life, and don’t think I have ever been more scared about a snake…………….God sent those fishermen that day. I believe that. The snake was coming from the east, crossing the highway, just as they were about to drive by. They stopped their vehicle in the middle of the highway and watched that snake until they could get our attention. I’m very thankful for them and appreciate so much what they did. My only regret is I didn’t get his name. I was in shock!

Harper Shankle our 4 year old little granddaughter, was in the North Franklin County Fair Pageant on Friday night at Ozark. No………..she didn’t win a crown………….we didn’t expect that to happen as she was the youngest, at age 4 in the contest and was competing against 7 year olds. BUT what she gave us was much better than any crown. Harper strutted out on that stage looking like she had done this many times, yeah…………she got a little confused as exactly where to go, because she would see her self in the giant monitors on each side of the stage, so that distracted her just a little but again that was ok. She danced to YMCA just like she was supposed to, she waved to the judges and had a pretty big smile, then it came time for the BIG QUESTION…………..she walked out to the little girl holding the bowl of questions, she drew a question out and handed it to the Emcee. Her question was something like ” If you could spend the day with someone who would your favorite person be”, she answered very quickly and without any thought and said so sweetly “mama”………….the crowd “ahhhhhhhhed” and the emcee, said why would you choose mama” and Harper replied immediately “A-CUZ, she is my FAVWERT”…………….Why would anyone need or want a crown for a child that could give a mama that answer? That was enough for us all! She made us all proud, was beautiful, sweet and just the best little contestant ever. Congratulations Harper for a great job, and Congratulations “Misti” for being her “FAVWERT”……

Chad and Chelsie are in the process of moving in their new home in Charleston. I know they are excited, as we all were when we finally found our first real home. I’m proud of Chad and Chelsie. They are both working to better their life’s. They are two great kids and I love them so much.

I can’t leave Chase Molton out. He is about to make big changes to his life in the near future also. I am proud of him also and hope for him much success and luck. He works at MJ’S Bar and Grill on highway 23 south of Caulksville. He does a great job as cook. The food is wonderful. I understand that this past Friday night was the busiest night ever of this establishment. I know my sister Donna Lowrey and James McFerren went to eat, and had to leave and go elsewhere because there was no room for another customer. NOW that has to speak for this business highly. Great job everyone for giving our community a great place to eat and enjoy an evening out.

Saturday was the Senior Citizens lunch at the Cecil Methodist Church. A nice crowd attended and enjoyed the wonderful meal prepared by our Davis Sisters, who are Nancy Martin, Patsy White and Janey Heffley. It was a wonderful meal and we appreciate so much their hard work.

Bill and I enjoyed a short visit from David Cole, son of Tommie Brophy this last Wednesday. He came by the house to pick up a couple of the Church plaques that we have for sell. I love that David, he has always been so kind and sweet to us girls. He’s a great guy, and I know my grandson’s Chad and Chase think a lot of him too.

By the way, I still have just a few of the Ceramic Tiles left of the church. Anyone still in need of one contact me and I’ll see that you get it. The proceeds will go to the building fund of the church.

This past week was a somber one for some of our friends as it was time for school to start back. It wasn’t so bad for the elementary and high school kids, but these kids going off to college for the first time is bitter sweet for the families and the student. Keep Taelor Acord in your prayers as she heads out for a new life experience at Arkansas Tech in Russellville. We love you Taelor and know you are going to be fine. You will have Shelby Lynn Lowrey right there with you so she can help show you your way.

Many others are leaving for school, but a special good luck to Shelby Lowrey (my great niece) of Cecil and her boy friend Evan Franklin of Caulksville who also attend Arkansas Tech in Russellville, Marliegh Dietz, another great niece of mine of Ozark is headed to UAFS as well as another great nephew Bayley O’Kelly from Lavaca will be headed to UAFS. These are the kiddo’s that have our hearts……..Be safe kids and have a great year. We love you all.

Also my great nephew Bryce Tencleve will be starting school at Subiaco this year. What a handsome young man he has grown into. I can’t believe he is a junior already. Have a great year Bryce, he is the son of Jeanine Molton Tencleve of Paris and Bruce Tencleve of Little Rock.

Also attending Subiaco is Dillon Ramsey, son of Brian and Amy Ramsey of Van Buren, and grandson of Charlotte and Richard Ramsey of Cecil. This seems impossible also for Dillon to be half grown. Congrats to you too……….Hope you have a good year.

Just saw some exciting news, that it is possible that my cousin, Guy Andrews and his wife from Vegas might be coming this way in October. That would be a treat for us. YEAH!!

Better stop all this and hit the send button. Take care and have a great week. Go out and enjoy the North Franklin County Fair this week.