Geneva Decker of New Jenny Lind knows Elmwood Road like the back of her hand. She Should. She and her husband Kenneth have been walking that route for years. Both are marathon runners with a great interest in wildlife and Geneva is an artist and photographer, discovering many different subjects along both sides of Elmwood to paint.

Approximately six or seven years ago, Geneva was on her daily walk. She noticed the darker than usual green bush on the side of the road with bright yellow fruit hanging from the limbs about the size of jawbreakers with soft leaflets and two inch long thorns. She broke off a limb bearing fruit for “Show And Tell” to share with me. She continues to keep up with it’s growth which is now about fifteen feet tall.

The bush is very unusual and is located on the side of the road, just across the old iron Catholic Bridge, in the vicinity close to where the Frank Vodisek family lived many years ago in Jenny Lind.

Geneva recently learned, after researching, that the odd bush is an oddity. A rangy tree-like bush that continues to grow in height and bear fruit. It has large seeds when cut open and has the smell of lemon, but is fuzzy on the outside like a peach.

The odd-looking bush is called a TRIFOLIIATE ORANGE. PONCIRUS- TRIFOLIATA, also known as the JAPANESE BITTER ORANGE. It is a native of China and will survive temperatures as low as five degrees. The fruit is inedible due to the presence of a bitter oil called PONCIRIDIN.

Geneva has shared other stories with me that she and Kenneth have “run across” on Elmwood Road; thinking this story was newsworthy and wanted to share it, while all the time wondering…..”Where in the world did this odd bush come from, and how did it end up on Elmwood Road, the prettiest stretch of road in New Jenny Lind.