Dec. 14, 2016, meeting brought to order by President, Teresa McCain. Devotional read by, Franklin County Extension Agent, Janee’ Shofner. Roll call answered by naming your favorite Christmas carol, Away in a Manager was a favorite. November minutes read by Teresa, Secretary was not present. Teresa read the Treasurer’s report. Our November Pie Auction was a success, thank you to everyone that helped. Thought of the month, read by Linda West-“We can’t help everyone – but everyone can help someone”. Slick Trick: To make nail polish last longer, first coat nails with white vinegar using a cotton ball. Let dry, then apply polish. Mary Henry, brought the door prize, which was won by Freda Wilson. Our next meeting will be Wed., Jan. 11, at the Mulberry Senior Center after lunch. Jean Helbling gave all members Christmas cards & cookies (which we all appreciated).Teresa, also handed out cookies and read a poem”Just A Little Donkey”. We did not receive the Lowe’s Grant, maybe next year. Teresa, read short article: Laugh More, Look Younger – Before bed think of three funny things that happened to you today, and repeat this exercise for seven nights in a row. The exercise may help you focus less on what went wrong and shift your attention to the positive.” Also, ask your doctor about adding these to your medication list, if you aren’t already taking: D3, Q10 & Fish Oil.

We would like to invite ladies in the community to visit our Jan. meeting, 10:30am we will play Bingo at the Center, have lunch then the meeting.

Meeting adjourned. Merry Christmas to All.