Dear Santa,

My girls and boys have been very busy this year learning all the skills for Kindergarten! They have done exceptionally well and I am very proud of them! Could you please bring them their favorite gift? Also, if possible bring them two front teeth. Santa they do not have any front teeth!

Thank you,

Mrs. Shelby’s

Kindergarten Class

Anna L. - Minnie Hoverboard

Annabelle C. - Toy Cat

Anna Maria S. - Rainbow Mermaid Suit

Ellie S. - Real Puppy

Emma W. - Baby Alive Doll

Ian K.- Transformer

Isabella S. - White Zooma Puppy

Joseph L. - Xbox with Disney Finity 2.0

Katie W. - Baby Alive Doll

Katie Ann M. - Baby Alive Doll

Liam A. - Magna Builders

Nicholas C. - Lego Dinosaur Set

Reece S. - Star Wars Rogue One Legos

Rhue S. - Baby Alive Doll

Ryan R. - Minnie Hoverboard

Sammie I. - Shopkins

Veda S. - Baby So Real