The Charleston City Council met Thursday night at City Hall to be sworn in and to have their first meeting of the new year.

Newly elected Councilwoman Susie Potts expressed her concern about a home near the intersection of School and Adams street in Charleston that has several code enforcement violations.

Charleston Police Chief Billy Atchley stated that he has tried unsuccessfully to cite the homeowner but that they will not answer the door.

“There has got to be something we can do,” said Potts. “We have to look at it. We are the city council there should be something we can do about this.”

City Attorney John Verkamp stated that the city can go in and do things such as mow the yard and trim the trees and charge the homeowner for the city’s services.

“I would hate to see our guys have to do that,” said Potts.

Mayor Sherman Hiatt stated that there already laws on the books to deal with code enforcement violations. “There are fines,” said Hiatt. “We notify the homeowner if say, their yard needs to be mowed, and they will have so many days to clean it up. If they don’t clean it up then we can cite them to court.”

The current ordinance was enacted in 1991 according to Hiatt. “When I became the mayor that is one of the first ordinances that we passed.”

Verkamp said that if the problem persists and the homeowner will not come to the door to be served that the city can issue a criminal summons, which tell them that they must appear in court and then if they do not show then a warrant for their arrest can be issued.