Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at the Charleston Senior Center. We are still playing Bingo on Tuesday and Fridays starting at 9:45. Bean bag baseball has slowed down here due to the colder weather as some of our seniors don’t want to be traveling in the cold, but we still have some that come and practice during each day. Our team would like to get more people to sign up so Charleston could have two teams which would enable them to practice playing as if in a real game situation.

We also have Meals on Wheels, Which is, our center has a van that delivers meals to seniors over 60 that meet the Home bound criteria guidelines to have the meal delivered. Our meals are $3.00 donation based on age 60 and older. Under 60 it is $5.00. Now that the colder weather is upon us, Please do not forget to check on your elder neighbors, friends, and family especially if you have not heard from them in a while. Make sure they have Heat, food, and water as most do not like to get out in the winter time and with this crazy Arkansas weather, who knows, we may be snowed in for a week.

As the last days of 2016 go by, I think about this past year and how blessed I have been and still am to have such a great group of seniors that I get to be around every day. I get to hear their laughter, jokes, and stories of past. I get to see their compassion for others, how they band together in time of need. There really is no words to describe how much I love these people…My heart is beyond full!!! Thank you!!

By Nikki Claiborne, Director

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd

Boneless Chicken wings

Mash Potatoes

w/k Corn

Sliced bread


Wednesday, Jan. 4th

Hamburger steak with brown gravy and onions

Scalloped potatoes

English peas


Strawberry cake

Thursday, Jan. 5th

Taco Salad

w/ tomato, onion, lettuce, cheese, chips ,guacamole, salsa, crackers

refried beans

cinnamon apples

Friday, Jan. 6th

Chicken patty sandwich on bun

w/k corn

Lettuce, tomato, onion pickle


Monday, Jan. 9th

Cheeseburger on bun

w/kernel Corn

lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle


Tuesday, Jan. 10th

Mexican chicken



Garlic bread

Apple crisp