The Fountain Lake School District Board of Education meeting Feb. 9 commenced with numerous Cobra Pride Awards to deserving students, including honors for creative videos, Braille Challenge competition, exceptional chess performances and poster creativity. In addition, Linda Webb, counselor, was on hand to announce the sixth grade spelling bee champion, Kenlee Motley, and seventh grade geography bee winner, Ezariah Collins, not in attendance for presentation.
Superintendent Dr. Michael Murphy covered present fund balance and revenue collections. “As to the fund balance, we are still trending positively and cash flow is also positive. Year over year our revenue collections are very good,” said Murphy.
Murphy presented the 2017 preliminary master plan initiative. The awnings and muddy areas surrounding the middle school borders have been addressed and bids have been sent out for awning construction and adding artificial turf to those zones. Traffic flow patterns and long-term routing plans are being evaluated.
“In addition, a traffic study has been performed and will be used to develop a plan for improving access, egress and parking district-wide,” Murphy said.
The Children’s Internet Protection Act,, was discussed. Schools and libraries are filtering their Internet services and have implemented formal safety policies. For minors, it must address monitoring of online activities, electronic communications and unauthorized disclosure of personal identification information. Fountain Lake is in complete compliance with CIPA.
Elementary Principal Allyson Petty gave a current report relative to enrollment. “We score excellent percentages in January attendance and one of our highlights was celebrating our 100th day of school, which our students really enjoyed,” said Petty.
First-grade students participated in Arkansas Learning Through Arts with artist Zinse Agginie, a drummer from Ghana. Pee Wee basketball is in progress and third grade girls won their district tournament. Gardening for fourth-grade students is also a new program.
Upcoming elementary school events include the father/daughter dance and ACT Aspire interim assessment.
Middle school Principal Frank Janaskie was on hand to update events, including a very successful spirit week and Mr. Fountain Lake Pageant in January. Parent- teacher conferences were well attended.
Janaskie also provided the remaining junior varsity basketball schedule.
Donald Westerman, high school principal, announced FLSD was host to Arkansas teacher of the Year, Meghan Ables.
Ables posted the following to the Arkansas teacher’s blog: “Everyone needs to jump out of the box and meet the out-of-the-box bold Cobras from Fountain Lake.”
Westerman also discussed the mentoring/modeling behavioral program in place. Team-building activities and bullying prevention exercises help students navigate important issues.
Upcoming events include the middle school showcase and ACT Aspire preparations.
Murphy submitted the school’s appeal to the state level relative to the rejection of the school’s request for reimbursement of attorney fees in Kimbrell v. McCleskey.
The board approved the Arch Ford Education Service Cooperative to join with Jessieville School District in more comprehensive and encompassing alternative education classes.
In addition, the board approved purchase of new Chromebooks. The computers are much improved and at a lower price.