By Nikki Claiborne, Site Director

Our Charleston Senior Tigers have been very busy this past week with bean bag baseball.

May 15th, Our team traveled to Ozark for a few games. Game 1 our tigers got on base but just couldn’t get to home plate. Ozark won 7-3. Game 2, Our tigers finally warmed up and Mary Bohannon, Bob Olds, Naomi Martine hit homeruns and brought runs home. Tigers won 11-2

May 17th, Our Tigers played Alma. Game 1, Sharon Potts, Naomi, Dwight Mantooth all made homeruns and brought runs in. Tigers won 10-7. Game 2, Wayne Ayers, Bob Olds, Dwight, Naomi, all made homeruns and brought runs in Tigers won 18-16

May 18th, We traveled to Booneville. Game 1, Mary Bohannon and Peggy Metcalf made home runs and brought runs in Tigers won 13-8. Game 2, Sharon, Mary, Charles Bohannon, Betty Ayers all made homeruns and brought runs in Tigers won 10-8. Great job Senior Tigers!!!

We still have bingo on Tuesdays and Fridays. Come on down and Win a prize!!!

Don’t forget May 24th, Shanna Collins will be here at 11:00 for a caregivers meeting to discuss the topic of Cancer.

May 25th The Stingy Ridge Band will be here to play starting at 5:30. Cost is 7.00 per person and a meal will be provided. Hope to see everyone here!!!