By Nikki Claiborne, Site Director

June 19, Paris’ BBB team was short handed, but our Tiger team let them borrow some of our members because after all, it’s all about having fun!!! Tigers lost Game 1 against Paris score was 17 to 7. Game 2 The Tigers won 13 to 4. It was great of our Tiger team to help Paris out when they were short handed.

June 20, Jasmine Henry came to the center to lead Drums Alive. We just love when Jasmine and Lauren come to our center. They both are so happy and cheerful and make the time they are here go by so fast!!

June 21, Shanna Collins was here to talk about “Strokes”. Shanna is such a great speaker. She is able to make you feel comfortable to be able to ask any question you may have!! This is some of the warning signs of a stroke that we learned about.

Warning Signs

In addition to looking out for yourself, one should always be on alert for warning signs of stroke in other individuals around you. If someone loses control of their facial muscles, starts drooling, has slurred speech or suddenly has trouble comprehending your conversation, then he or she may be experiencing symptoms of a stroke, and you should immediately call 9-1-1. Basic motor skills and communication may also further be affected.

Many times, people overlook symptoms as minor discomforts or signs of other illnesses, since strokes share symptoms with other medical conditions. For example, sudden confusion or inability to comprehend conversation in the elderly may be misinterpreted by others as symptoms for dementia, a degenerative brain condition that commonly affects older people. Sudden, splitting headaches and blurriness of vision may be misinterpreted as a bad case of migraine. In such cases, it is advisable that you make an independent judgment call on whether to seek medical help. If emergency protocols are taken, then make sure to document the time of the first onset of stroke symptoms, as treatment is crucial within a certain time frame. Waiting too long can result in permanent damage, or even death.

It is best to take preventative measures against stroke symptoms in general, and have a healthy lifestyle. Make sure that you report any symptoms that cause you worry or suspicion, even if you think that they are minor, as stroke symptoms and warning signs are a serious indicator of the possibility of stroke. Seek a medical opinion immediately.

June 22, Booneville BBB team came to Charleston. Some of our team could be here but our team still played very well. Game 1, Booneville won 6-2. Game 2, Charleston shook off the earlier loss and came back with a Victory 22-7. Wayne Ayers, Charlie Brown, Betty Ayers, and Peggy Metcalf all hit home runs and brought runs in. Peggy Metcalf was our Home run champ. She hit four homeruns in 6innings in the second game. Way to Go Peggy!!!!

Our Next game will be July 3, at Ozark at 10:00. We are always glad to see new faces here at the center. Come on down and give us a try!!! For more information please call 479-965-2557 and ask for Nikki!!

June 28.

Spaghetti w/meat sauce

English Peas


Cheese bread stick

Baked pears w/light br. sugar

June 29.

Smothered pork chops w/mushroom white gravy

Scalloped potatoes

Slice bread


Peach crisp

June 30.

Smothered pork chops w/mushroom white gravy

Scalloped potatoes

Slice bread


Peach crisp

July 3.

Chili dogs w/onion,cheese, relish


Baked Beans

Cupcakes and fruit

July 4.

Closed for Holiday