Forty-one junior and senior students from Sebastian, Crawford, Scott, Franklin and Logan counties attended a Medical Applications of Science for Health (M*A*S*H) camp June 5-16 at Mercy Medical Center in Fort Smith. The students included (in no particular order) Andrew Eveld of Charleston, Anna Phan of Fort Smith, Barrett Weidman of Fort Smith, Benjamin Webber of Fort Smith, Brooke Lovan of Greenwood, Brooklyn Barton of Greenwood, Caitlin Paris of Fort Smith, Dalton Erwin of Hackett, Dania Rahal of Fort Smith, Dillon Ramsey of Van Buren, Emma Taylor of Greenwood, Fernando Lopez of Van Buren, Francesca Rossi of Fort Smith, Garrett Torrance of Greenwood, Hannah Swilling of Fort Smith, Haylee Williams of Greenwood, Hien Mai of Fort Smith, Hunter Elsmore of Greenwood, Grace Faulkenberry of Ozark, Jason Nguyen of Fort Smith, Jason Swaim of Cedarville, Jeffrey Le of Fort Smith, Kaitlyn Frey of Greenwood, Kaitlyn Tran of Fort Smith, Katherine Mann of Fort Smith, Layton Hice of Ratcliff, Lydia Finley of Van Buren, Mackenzie Dipboye of Van Buren, Madison Vaughan of Lavaca, Mikaela Witney of Greenwood, Rachel Barnhardt of Greenbrier, Rachel Siebenmorgen of Scranton, Ryan Hewett of Van Buren, Sara Jackson of Hartford, Sarah White of Greenwood, Skyler Simpkins of Fort Smith, Sonya Chiewtrakoon of Waldron, Tanya Joseph of Fort Smith, Terry Uhm of Fort Smith, Thi Le of Fort Smith and Cole Irwin of Van Buren.

The two-week summer medical enrichment experience allows high school students to shadow health professionals and attend workshops that enhance their experiences in the health-care field. They learn about pharmacy, therapy, CPR, anatomy, surgery, emergency medical response and much more. The program hopes to encourage rural youth interested in medical fields to continue their education and then return to rural areas to work.

M*A*S*H students are sponsored by their local county Farm Bureaus and the M*A*S*H Partnership, which includes the University of Arkansas for Medical Science’s Regional Centers, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Arkansas Farm Bureau and Baptist Health. Arkansas Farm Bureau is a nonprofit, private farm and rural advocacy organization of more than 190,000 families throughout the state working to improve farm and rural life.