We are starting to see the onset of web worms here in Franklin County. Many folks can remember how many we had last fall and their presence has invoked some concern.

General Information about the Webworm:

Female moths lay eggs on the leaves, and after hatching, small caterpillars feed on the leaf surface. As they grow, larger caterpillars will eat the entire leaf. Once all leaves in the web have been consumed the worms move up or down the limb, spin more web, and continue feeding for up to five weeks. Only this year’s leaves are consumed and the limbs and buds inside are unharmed. Multiple generations are common in the same year. Population size is cyclical, and worm numbers usually decline after two or three years of heavy infestation.


Start your control program now, do not wait till all leaves are covered with webs or eaten by the worms to start controlling them.

You can prune them out but could cause further damage and or misshape the tree. Do not burn the tree.

BT (Bracillus Thuringiensis) is a bacterium that provides an excellent natural option. BT does not require a pesticide license and is readily available at most supply stores.

Sevin is a readily available product that would provide some chemical control for home owners without pesticide license.

For additional information contact:

Jesse Taylor County Extension Agent - Franklin County

(479)667-3720 - 300 B Airport Rd, Ozark, AR 72949

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