If you have been inside the Charleston Public Library this summer, you will have noticed murals on the walls of the Children’s Area inside the Library. Twelve-year-old Dominique Palucis of Ratcliff spent a couple of hours a day in May after school helping spruce up the Library for the Summer Reading Program theme which was Read for Madness.

Dominique is the daughter of Sylvia Palucis and John (Poppy) Drewry of Ratcliff. She is originally from the Providence of Angeles in the Philippians and moved to the United States in February of 2015. Dominique attends County Line Public Schools where she will be in the 7th grade. She enjoys reading, knitting, and playing with her 4 dogs. She is currently taking golf lessons through the Boys and Girls Club in Paris and plans to play golf her freshman year. Her favorite subject in school is History, and she also enjoys math. She likes watching comedy movies and said that her Poppy provides plenty of comedy at home and she enjoys visiting with friends on weekends. Dominique enjoys listening to a variety of music including rock and blues. Her favorite song is the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys of Company B by the Andrews Sisters.

John, Dominique’s father, said she has a photographic memory. “All she has to do is see something and she can sketch it out on canvas.” When looking at artwork she fell in love with Pablo Picasso paintings. Dominique said his cool shapes fascinated her and they were different from other artists, more cartoonist like. This is when Dominique decided to start drawing.

Dominique has painted on canvas, with charcoal, made ink and pencil sketches and even was asked to paint a mural at the age of eleven. Infinity Salon Spa in Paris had seen some of her talent and asked her to do a mural on one of their walls. This was not her first mural to paint, she painted one on her wall at home first, but this was her first public mural. Infinity Salon Spa was so impressed they asked her to come back in at the beginning of summer to paint another mural themed for the 4th of July. Dominique has done several paintings including one of Marilyn Monroe and a Mardi Gras painting. Both parents are extremely proud of her and have encouraged her to enter her paintings in local fairs. Dominique said her Poppy and mom have been her support system and continue to encourage her to do more. Almost all of her entries in the Franklin County Fair, Logan County Fair, Crawford County Fair, Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fair, and Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock have received awards of Best in Show, Grand Champion, First Place, or Second Place. While in Little Rock recently, her Mardi Gras painting caught the attention of several people. Several people have even offered to buy some of her paintings. When her and her family went into the Nike Outlet Mall, people were asking for her autograph. One of the employee’s brothers is Danny Broadway. Mr. Broadway is an artist that resides in Memphis, TN and he enjoys working with young artist to help enhance their talent and teach them small tricks that can add even more to a painting. Danny’s work has been featured across the U.S. and has been commissioned by many private collectors and organizations.

Do South, a quarterly local magazine, will be featuring some of Dominique’s art in the August issue. Do South will be out online August 1st and in print shortly after.

When asked about plans for the future, Dominique would like to stay close to home and attend a major University and major in Architecture. Dominique has a wonderful talent and one can already envision her talent being utilized for many different designs.