Incidents of crime dropped 2.05 percent in Paris in 2017, according to statistics kept by the Paris Police Department.

According to the PPD, there were 1,004 reported crimes in Paris last year compared to 1,025 in 2016, a drop of 21 arrests

Drug arrests saw an increase in 2017, the fourth straight year of increased drug arrests. In 2017, the Paris Police Department made 153 arrests for drug or narcotics violations, compared to 128 in 2016, an increase of 19.53 percent. The department made 278 arrests for drug equipment violations last year, compared to 196 in 2016, an increase of 41.84 percent. The largest increases in numbers of arrests took place in the drug crime categories.

“We’re going to keep working hard at it,” Paris Chief of Police John O’Brien said. “We’ve made some personnel changes in the past and it’s paying off.”

The large decreases, on a percentage basis, took place in counterfeiting and forgery (a drop of 62.5 percent), credit card or automatic teller machine fraud (a drop of 70 percent) and in stolen property offenses (a drop of 62.5 percent). There were larger percentage decreases but in those cases, there was one offense in 2016 and none in 2017.

The largest decreases in number of arrests came in simple assaults, down to 43 from 65 in 2016, all other larceny dropped from 98 in 2016 to 73 last year and all other crimes dropped to 141 from 165.