Charleston Courthouse Receives $154,000 Grant

By Vernon McDaniel

Judge Janet Powell opened Thursday’s quorum court meeting by announcing a $154,000 Arkansas Department of Heritage grant for use at the Charleston Courthouse.

The grant was applied for last year and reportedly will be used primarily for a new roof necessitated by weather damage.

Joe Flanagan, an independent candidate for county judge, asked Powell if bids will be taken for the project. "We will do whatever we are required to do," Powell replied.

Powell said that next year, if funds are available, a grant might be secured for renovation of the Ozark courthouse.

Ordinances approved

With all members present except Rusty Cagle, justices unanimously approved three ordinances and one resolution as follows:

Increased the Franklin County sheriff’s budget by $28,000 received from the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management to upgrade the dispatch system.

Approved $400 for the Leadership Franklin County continuing education class at ATU-Ozark for the judge’s administrative assistant, Cheryl Warden.

After amending the effective date to 1-1-15, approval was given for the new personnel policy. Justice Mary Jane Cains received approval to delete an item relative to insurance. She it could be replaced elsewhere.

A resolution was approved authorizing the county judge to enter into an agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Housing Service, for renovation of the County Library at Ozark.


A representative from the Area Agency on Aging reported, that $7,466 of the $12,000 annual county appropriation is still available to assist eligible senior citizens with health issues.

An expression of thanks was read from the family of the late justice Paul Schaffer in appreciation for the sympathy shown by quorum court members and other county officials.

Justice Garrett Shepherd announced that a committee meeting will be called soon to discuss the purchase price for the Main Street Lounge.

If purchased, the building reportedly would be used by the county collector’s office.