City Officials Define Limitations On Size And Types Of Trash That Will Be Picked Up

The City of Charleston has adopted a policy, which is designed to inform the citizens of the limitations on the types of solid waste that may be placed on the curb for pickup. The waste that the city will pick up at the curbside is Class 1 waste. This is residential solid waste, which means garbage, rubbish, and bulky waste generated within a residence. Hazardous waste and certain other types of waste will not be picked up by the City.

The type of items that the City will not pick up include: vehicle parts, tires, motor oils, batteries, pesticides, herbicides, construction debris, appliances, hazardous waste, paint, yard waste, tree limbs, brush, or other unacceptable material for placement into a landfill. The City also picks up commercial waste from commercial businesses, but the waste must meet the same parameters as for residences.

The City also has limits on types of containers and the weight of containers. The City will only pick up trash contained within trashcans or plastic bags. The filled trash cans cannot have a weight exceeding 50 pounds. Also, any bag cannot have a weight exceeding 50 pounds. If a cardboard box is left for pickup, then the cardboard box cannot have kitchen garbage in the cardboard box. If a person has a question regarding a certain item of waste or concerning the container used by the individual, then that person may contact City Hall at 965-2269.