Get Fit Fitness Studio in Charleston Now Open

Get Fit Fitness Studio in Charleston officially opened last week with a ribbon cutting sponsored by the Charleston Chamber of Commerce. Located at 426 East Main Street, Get Fit will offer a variety of fitness classes in hopes of having something for just about everyone’s fitness and likes. During July there is a special schedule designed to let anyone get a taste of what get fit is all about.

On Saturdays and Sundays beginning on July 12, Get Fit will showcase a variety of classes that we hope to add to our regular class schedule, owner, Sheila Hiatt said. No membership is required and it is open to both males and females.

On Saturday, July 12, at 9:00 am, Get Fit will have Gentle yoga. The class will be limited to 20 students and is instructed by Tina from Greenwood. She is a certified Yoga instructor and hopes to eventually bring Barre yoga to Charleston, if there is an interest.

On Sunday, July 13, Sheila will offer a full hour of ZUMBA toning. If you doubt those little toning sticks can give you a workout, come let her prove to you that you don’t need mega weights to get results. She has been licensed to teach ZUMBA gold for 3 years and loves pushing the limits with ZUMBA workouts but she also shows modifications so that everyone of most any fitness level can get something out of it.

On Saturday, July 19, at 6:30 pm, they will have a one hour mini class on self-defense demo class, taught by a husband and wife team from Ft. Smith.

On Sunday, July 20, at 2:00 pm, it will be time for ZUMBA Sentao. What is ZUMBA Sentao? It is a ZUMBA workout using a chair as a piece of workout equipment, Sheila said. It allows you to work your abs and other muscles in a way that basic ZUMBA won’t, she added. This class will be limited to 20 students. Call or contact Get Fit to hold your spot.

On July 26 at 9 am and again at 10 am Mary will hold ZUMBA kids classes. The 9 am class will be ZUMBA Kids, Jr., ages 4-7. Get kids moving an interacting with one another to fun age appropriate music. The 10am class is for ages 7-11. By using age appropriate music kids will learn to feel fearless on the dance floor and not even realize they are working out, Sheila said.

At 2:00 pm on July 26 is ZUMBA step taught by Miranda. Miranda is a licensed ZUMBA instructor and also licensed to teach ZUMBA step. Most everyone remembers step aerobics from way back Sheila said. "This is similar but set to ZUMBA music and follows the ZUMBA formula for working out." The class is limited to 20 students.

The regular schedule is as follows. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 am, there is ZUMBA gold, a basic no impact class that has a slower pace. It is a great class for those new to fitness or those that haven’t worked out in some time to start with. On Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am is ZUMBA, the good basic class that you have seen on TV. It’s medium to high impact; it is the true workout in disguise. You move, you laugh and you sweat and before you know it an hour has passed you have probably have burned somewhere between 500-900 calories. Then on Monday, and Thursday evenings at 7 pm and Wednesday at 6 pm there is ZUMBA with ZUMBA toning. We mix two of the most popular classes for one great workout, Sheila said. Zumba toning uses toning sticks to help tone the upper body, she added.