Greenhurst Announces Therapy Expansion

Greenhurst will be adding 6,500 square feet to their current building in order to better serve their residents and community.

The new addition will include a modern gym that will provide a wide range of physical, occupational and speech therapy. There will also be 5 short-stay suites in the new expansion. "Our therapy team is amazing, and they deserve an amazing facility," says Jonas Schaffer, Administrator at Greenhurst. "I’ve personally seen them work miracles, and know this new addition will help them improve our resident’s quality of life even more. We will also be better suited to serve our community with new suites." The new construction is on track to be completed this November.

There will be an open house scheduled at a later date. "It’s a very special moment for us," says Schaffer, "because we have worked so hard for such a great reputation. We will be naming the new expansion after the mother of Greenhurst, and my Grandmother, Maggie Schaffer. She started our amazing caliber of quality, and I fully intend to continue it. We look forward to the new Maggie Schaffer Therapy Center."