Kidz Korner

By Madeline Kennedy

"Where did she go?" asked Marie. " I don’t have a clue", said Josie," but I’m going to look around for a clue!" " I will help you." declared Marie. Josie and Marie both searched the room. Suddenly from underneath the table that Josie and Amber had been sitting on, Marie shouted," I found something!" Josie quickly hurried to her. Marie handed her a small white business card that read 952-478-5990. " It’s a phone number!" Josie exclaimed. She rushed over to the cashier’s desk and dialed the number into a black phone. " What are you doing?" asked Marie. " I’m calling the phone number," Josie explained, "Maybe we can get some more information that way!"

After a few rings, the other end of the line picked up. "Hello," a woman’s voice said. "This is the American Modeling Agency. May I help you?" Josie grabbed a piece of paper off of the desk and a pen and wrote, "It’s American Modeling Agency!" She then showed it to Marie. After reading it, Marie’s face turned almost white as a sheet. " Ummm… wrong number!" Josie said. She then quickly hung up. " What’s wrong?" she asked Marie. " American Modeling is my closest rival! We took over their title as #1 modeling service in the USA! Ever since then they have hated Marie’s Models’ which is my company."

"We should go there," said Josie. "Maybe we could find some clues!" " But they will never let me in!" said Marie. Josie pondered that for a while. Then she turned to Marie and asked, "Do you have a set of walkie talkies? "

To be continued