Kidz Korner

By Madeline Kennedy

"Why yes", said Marie, "as a matter of fact I have two sets of walkie-talkies. One is a headset and another is handheld. But why on earth would you need walkie-talkies?" "Well", said Josie, "you said that they would not let you in because they would recognize you as their rival. Correct?" "Yes", Marie nodded her head. "Well, they don’t know anything about me. Right?" Marie nodded again, beginning to understand. "We can communicate with the headset walkie talkies", said Josie, "you can stay here and watch the shop and I’ll go to American Modeling and investigate!" "Josie", said Marie beaming with pride, "that is a really good plan!" "Thank you Marie", said Josie, "now where are those walkie talkies?" "I belive that they are in the storage room", said Marie, "I will go and find them."

Marie bussled into the storage room and began rummaging through boxes. After Marie had left the room Josie started to worry her plan was not as good as Marie had thought. What if Amber is there? She knows that I am investigating the stolen clothing line for Marie!? What if I—— her thoughts were cut off by Marie who had found the headsets. "I found them!" "Oh, good Marie", said Josie, "but I have been thinking and we may have a problem." "What is it?" asked Marie, looking worried. "I know that none of the people from American Modeling Agency have met me, but Amber has, and if my suspicians are right, Amber could be there right now." Marie looked defeated. "That is a problem, a big one."