Kidz Korner

By Madeline Kennedy

Chapter 8

"Right this way, Mam." the receptionist told Josie. She pushed open a set of white double doors. She beckoned Josie to follow her. They stopped at a room with a pink door. The lady opened the door. Girls were posing for photographers.

"This is our photography Room", the lady informed Josie, "Where we do photo shoots for our fashion magazine." They left the room. After a few more rooms the receptionist showed her the room with all of the clothing lines. "Oh, the lady said, I am very sorry! I have to go, I hear the phone ringing!" She scurried out of the room.

"Marie", Josie whispered into the headset, "What does your clothing line look like?" Marie described the clothing line. Josie scanned the room, her eyes fell on a rack of clothes with the exact look of the clothes and hats that Marie had just described. She hurried over to the rack and whipped off her disguise! "I’m not Annie", she cried, "I am Josie! And I am returning these clothes to their rightful owner, Marie Babtiste!" "You can’t prove it!" a lady with black hair called.

"Oh can’t I?" Josie said, "Marie always puts a cursive MB on her clothing. for dresses the hem and for hats the brim! and if I’m correct…." She flipped up the hem of one of the dresses and showed them a small cursive MB then she did the same with the brim of the hat. Suddenly the door burst open and Amber cam into the room. "I’m ready for my photoshoo— you!?!?" she cried. ‘Uh-Oh!" Josie said. She noticed the wheels on the rack. she leaped on a pole on the back and pushed off with her foot. People screamed and scattered to get out of the way, while Josie hung on for dear life! She maneuvered the cart down the hallway, through the double doors, and right out of the building. She didn’t stop until she was inside the shop with Marie To BE CONTINUED