Lindsey (Neissl) McConnell To Be On Widow Makers TV

Season 1 of Widow Makers TV airs on Thursday nights at 7:30pm on DISH on Channel 266, the Hunt Channel. Local hunter Lindsey McConnell, the daughter of EJ and Kelly Neissl, is scheduled to be shown this Thursday, July 31. The show can also be viewed weekly at

Widow Makers TV is about a small group of friends drawn together by their passion for hunting and a love for all things outdoors. They work hard and play hard but the big difference is all of these friends are ladies. Join as they travel the globe in search of their next giant whitetail, roaring stag, dugga boy, elk, moose, hog or bear and bring the thrills and the challenges back to you. Together they trek around the world in search of their next adventure. You’ll quickly see where these ladies got the name Widow Makers.

Lindsey grew up in Charleston and spent much of her time outdoors fishing or hunting deer, rabbits, raccoons, dove, coyotes, and squirrels. She harvested her first deer when she was 11 years old and she was officially hooked on Whitetails.

Going off to college slowed her hunting adventures. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I had always wanted to try bow-hunting but didn’t know much about it, Lindsey said. "I eventually became friends with an already avid bow-hunter who convinced me to go ahead and invest in my first bow. That friend is now my husband, lifetime hunting partner and cameraman."

Our year round outdoor adventures include trade shows, spring turkey, bass fishing, bow fishing, planting food plots, elk, and whitetail, Lindsey said, "We enjoy bow-hunting public land in states across the Midwest and have made it even more challenging by attempting to get it all on film. I’ve also recently ventured into traditional archery equipment in hopes of making every harvest even more of a trophy."

I am extremely proud to be a part of Widow Makers TV, Lindsey said. "I look forward to sharing the adventures, the passion, the hard work, the successes and the hard times, everything that makes this sport the lifestyle we all have chosen."