Ron Harris Speaks bout Defining Moments

Ron Harris, Founder and CEO of "A Level Up," was billed as a great speaker. He did not disappoint.

Harris spoke at the Charleston Chamber of Commerce Banquet that was held last Saturday, where he shared his story of victory and overcoming obstacles to the large crowd numbering more than 260.

Harris spoke about defining moments. Defining moments either define you or you define it, Harris said, as he talked about different types of defining moments. Defining moments reveal a lot about people and identifies them, he said.

Harris also said everyone needs to live by a code and Charleston is a group of people who rise above itself and lives by a code. The code reveals who you are, how you conduct your life when no one is watching, he said. "It also means being open to giving and to receiving." You need to do the next right thing, he added. "Discover your talents and use those talents to help others." Empower others to do more, he added.

Harris said after listening to the awards given out at the chamber banquet that he wanted to move to Charleston. "What an outstanding community." For those businesses to become beacons of hope rising from the ashes is a great tribute to your community, he said. It is in the mist of these kinds of things that we find out who we are, he said. "When one page of your purpose closes, another opens."

He said he had asked Terry Scott, Pastor of Life Church in Charleston a lot of questions about the community when Terry had asked him about speaking at the banquet. "I came away from those questions with a sense that Charleston is a big hearted community, extremely benevolent and united. Charleston is not just about yourselves, but about others."

Everybody has an opportunity he said, but it takes a lot of hard work to accomplish something, he added. "When a student tells me they want to be a star, I say great, lets go to work."

Charleston is an amazing community, Harris said. There is enough hope in this room to raise the roof, he added. "Charleston needs to shine like a star to the universe. Continue to move forward and be that bright shining star."