Ten Ways To Help Your Child Enter Middle School

1. Start talking about the differences between elementary and middle school early – and with honesty.

2. Give your child more responsibilities for decision making tasks at home as preparation for increased deadlines in middle school.

3. Supplement schoolwork with additional reading and writing projects at home in readiness for lengthier school assignments.

4. Talk about the fun of changing rooms and teachers several times a day. Explain that each class is a separate subject.

5. Help your child understand that students have to adapt to different teachers, not the other way around.

6. Visit the middle school several times together to help your child become comfortable with the changes from his or her current school.

7. Attend all new school orientations. Make the transition seem like an adventure and a step forward in your youngster’s education.

8. Discuss the fact that your child is moving from being the "top dog" to the bottom of the ladder – preparation makes it easier.

9. Find out who your child’s teacher will be and see if you can make appointments to meet them prior to the new year.

10. Make a list together of your child’s expectations for middle school. Make a plan to ensure that the expectations are met.