Vesta Hopefuls Met

By Ruth Cearley

A group of citizens met Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 in the Meeting Room at Simple Simons. The coffee was fresh and hot. The Cookie Pizza was delicious. The homemade crust is what makes it. Thanks for sharing your room with us.

Tracee McKenna and Jim Rauser led our meeting. Jim had got estimated figures for what we have been planning. They are in our budget and in reach of making it happen. Tracee is directing us every step of the way. We are blessed to have both of them on our team. Thanks for all you do!!

The building is proposed to be 51x55 feet. It will be handicap accessible everywhere. Not fancy, just neat and serviceable. This will again be the ‘hub’ of the Community, a focal point where friends can meet and get back to socializing.

We have a little more paper work to be done before our application can be submitted to the Arkansas Department of Rural Services for a GIF Community Enhancement Grant.

We need your community support. Vesta EHC is excited about it.