Vesta Looking To Build New Community Center

Ruth Cearley and other members of the Vesta community are exploring options for a new community center for the community.

The current Vesta Community Center has deteriorated to the point that repairing the building is no longer feasible. While the Vesta Extension Club still meets in the building and it is still used as a polling place, the Vesta Community Center used to be the center of activity for the small community; hosting meetings for local organizations, dinners, live music, and community picnics.

Ruth Cearley and others in the community want to see the Vesta Community Center return to what it once was by constructing a new building on the same property.

Tracee McKenna, Director of Community Development with Western Arkansas Planning and Development District, met with members of the Vesta Community to discuss grant programs available for community buildings. McKenna agreed to assist Vesta with an application to the Arkansas Department of Rural Services for a GIF Community Enhancement Grant.