The older I get the more Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday. The reason is simple; they have not figured out a way to package it and sell it to us like they have Christmas and Halloween.

Think about it, a turkey is your biggest expense and the whole point is to spend time with your family. Thanksgiving is all but ignored in the rush towards Christmas when they can sell us stuff that we don’t need.

Halloween used to be fun, you would make a costume, grab a pillowcase and hit the streets to get candy, which was mostly store bought, but there were a few left that still made cookies and popcorn balls. If you gave a kid a homemade popcorn ball today they would report you to the authorities. I have never heard a single story from someone I know about a needle or razor blade in Halloween candy. My parents took my candy to the hospital one year to have it xrayed to make sure that it was safe.

And Christmas; wow has Christmas gone off the rails. We are shopping on Thanksgiving night now! Are you kidding? You don’t have time to let your food digest before you have to do hand to hand combat for gifts.

I know of at least one radio station that is playing Christmas music on a loop and it is only mid November. I boycott this station year round the way I continue to boycott gas stations that jacked their prices up on 9/11. I try to never hold grudges against people, businesses on the other hand are a good outlet for pettiness.

So as we hit the accelerator towards another Holiday season let’s do the important things; enjoy those closest to us, shop local when you can and no Christmas music until at least December.