It is beginning to look a lot like Christman every where you look. I love it. It is also beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. The cooler weather makes me feel like it is a SPECIAL TIME of the year. To me there really is a special feel to the air when you work outside. Imagination? Maybe, but I love it. I have always loved the Christmas Season even as a small child when we hunted for cigarette packages so we could use the tin foil that was inside the packages to make the decorations for our tree. Oh! how beautiful our tree looked with the shiny silver bells and stars hanging on it. Getting the tree was really something. Compared to the way bought trees look today tall and full one couldn’t say we ever had a beautiful tree.

However you could have never made us see it wasn’t the world’s most perfect tree. The thrill of going Christmas tree hunting. It wasn’t a walk in the woods or tree farm, it was a walk on the hill side. Our tree was never really a Charlie Brown tree although looking back at them it seems some might have come close. I remember well when we got our first string of electric lights. I felt like we were right down on “Main and Murphy ” as the late Kermit McNabb would use this phrase when something was really, really special.

I almost laugh out loud when I think of the Christmas trees at the Frank Hughart house. Frank would hunt the tree months before Christmas. He usually found one while out hunting game of some sort. When we took Bob and Connie to look for a tree we would look for awhile then Frank lead us to the perfect tree. It usually was a beautiful tree. Beautiful until we got it home. The tree was almost always too tall for our ceilings so instead of cutting it off from the bottom my dear husband would cut the top out. I won’t begin to tell you my reactions. Not only was the top gone, it was always tied with fishing cord to the curtain rod. The kids and I talk and laugh about this all the time. Loaded down with ornaments and lights it was beautiful to us even without the perfect top.

I love a fresh tree. I love the smell that fills the whole house. Granddaughter, Brook, was just a baby when we got our first artificial tree. We had our fresh cut tree up and decorated when Connie brought her to our house. She was there for only a short time when she began to have trouble breathing. Frank picked up the fresh tree and carried it out, decorations and all. He got in the car and left. When he came back he had an artificial tree. The green artificial trees had just come out. He bought ours at J.C. Penny’s. I have

not had a fresh tree since. I now put up two trees. The one I call my pretty tree, a flocked tree covered with birds of every color and my other tree, called my Hodge Podge tree.

This tree is covered with whatever gets in my way. (joke) The pretty tree has clear lights, the hodge podge has multi-colored lights. How I love for night to come when I sit in my recliner and enjoy my hodge podge tree. The lights from my pretty tree shines out the front window.

I know the Christmas Season is really here because I attended the Greenwood Methodist Women’s “Tasting Tea” or this year the “Tasting Extravaganza”. It is one of my favorite things to do during the Christmas Season. The food is so good and the decorations are beautiful. It really makes you feel like it is Christmas.

Today the weather is cold, the wind blowing and the sun is not shining. And I think I saw one of Santa’s Elves peeping around the window sill so I know Christmas is just around the corner. I know the time of being good is at hand.