So many times when someone, especially men, retire and they don’t have a hobby of some kind they become bored with life in general. When Frank retired his hobby—-a Greenwood Coffee Shop. There each morning all the world’s problems were solved in the minds of the coffee drinkers. I am sure that is still true today. At least Frank kept up with what was was going on in the world as well as anything of interest in Greenwood. There is a special kinship among the coffee drinkers. I was told that the day of Frank’s heart surgery the men had special prayer around the table. Friends gathering around a table each morning for coffee is still an important part of the day for many in Greenwood which I think is wonderful. I do not go to a Senior Citizen Center for lunch. I admire seniors who do. It gives them something to look forward to each day. Get up, get dressed and go mingle with other people their own age. Greenwood is so blessed to have such a nice Center. The Betty Wilkinson Center. The Center has changed the lives of so many who live alone. You can talk to your friends on the phone but it is just not the same as having lunch together each day talking across the table with each other. There was a time when you reached retirement age life came to a stand still. You no longer felt needed. Today there is a place for anyone, any age, who would like to volunteer. There are hundreds of SeniorCitizens who belong to the RSVP. Many on walkers or using a cane. They volunteer for such things as preparing things to be mailed or making phone calls, things one can do while seated. There is a lady in her nineties who works every week at Miss Laura’s “Fort Smiths Visitor’s Center.” Men work there, too. Volunteers are needed every where so don’t ever get bored with retirement. Men, especially who have been in the Service of your Country, are needed to help keep the Museum open at Chaffee Crossing. It is fun. you meet people from all over the country. At Miss Laura’s you have visitors from all over the world. Unless you take a part in volunteering at the Visitor’s Center it is hard to believe how many people visit Fort Smith. In the summer, when the Old Jail Museum is open, it is surprising how many visitors visit Greenwood Historical Sites. There would be more visitors if it could be kept open more. Again the need for volunteers. There is something that I seldom do but feel so good after I do and that is visit in a Nursing Home. I have no excuse for not doing it. My wish is that if I am ever in a Nursing Home my friends won’t forget me. That is exactly what I do I don’t visit. I am so thanful that I have never had the feeling that I am no longer needed. Age is only a number. Of course there is such things as health problems to prevent one from doing things they would like to do or want to do. I truly understand that. So if you are able, stay busy, remembering there are many places who needyou Never, never think because of your age you are no longer needed in this world. You are still a VIP—a very important person!