I’ve always liked rocks.

I have two special rocks. Both are Jenny Lind relics.

One is on my driveway, the other one is positioned at my back door.

You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve told the story of these two huge rocks .

When visitors leave, those two rocks are just about the last two objects they see and “nine visitors out of ten” invariably will ask … “Where did you get those rocks?”

No matter how extreme the weather, they will usually linger in the heat or cold … just a little longer … to hear my story.

The huge rock on the driveway is the reason for my son’s chronic back problems. (So he says.)

I spotted this particular and special rock a long time ago while taking a short-cut to somewhere; near the area where the No. 17 coal mine was once located, here in Jenny Lind. I kept the subject of that rock going for a long time. Finally, my sons became tired listening to it and that’s how it ended up, where it’s located now … on my driveway.

The other “back breaker” has a permanent spot where it first landed … at my back door. It was found close by. I have a self-explained potato rock. Not to stray too far from the subject, I’ll explain later.

My brother Mick, was a “Rock Hound.” He lived in Lawton, Oklahoma. He said he paid fifty cents for the rock he gave me. Bought it at a garage sale. The lady didn’t know the origin of it, but Mick said he agreed with the lady and I agreed with both … it resembled an Indian Warrior. Yeah. Now who wouldn’t be proud of a rock like that?

When I think of ROCKS, words that come to my mind are: foundation, firm and solid.

Every word associated with rock is not good. A marriage can “be on the rocks,” or the expression, “hitting rock bottom,” but instantly, I think of more words with a positive note associated with, R-o-c-k.

Solid as a rock, rock candy, rock music and collecting rocks. We’ve all sung “Rock-a-bye-baby on a tree top” to our little ones at one time or another and there’s that beautiful, old hymn we all know and love … “Rock Of Ages.”

How many times have we read along, listening to a sermon preached from the 16th Chapter of Matthew, Verse 18 … You are Peter, a stone, and upon this rock, I will build my church.

Rocks intrigues me as pieces of God’s earth. They represent strength and stability, evidence of His power.

Another word I associate with ROCK is support. I feel quite sure if I “happen upon” another large, unusual rock, that I really like, mentioning it to my boys from time to time (so they won’t forget) sooner or later, that rock will have a resting place, close to the other two.

In one corner of the garage, there’s a stronghold, a place dominated by a group of smaller rocks that I have stacked there, all marked with different characteristics, most of them have been there for so long I can’t remember if I had a particular reason for putting them there … I just like rocks!

A rock can be a sure-fire, loo% guaranteed-to-be-right weather predictor. If you want to know what the weather will be, there’s not a better way yet than an ordinary rock placed on your front yard and … If the rock is wet, it’s raining

If the rock is dry, it’s fair

If the rock casts a shadow, it’s sunny.

If the rock is white, it’s snowy.

If the rock is hard to see, it’s foggy.

Now, back to my POTATO rock. A customer came into my shop one day. He was well aware of my collecting potato items. He handed me a rock.

“Huh,” I said. “It looks just like a potato!”

“Yeah , ” he replied. “I thought you might like it to add to your potato collection.”

Recognizing the excitement in my voice while thanking him, he said, “But Mary, it’s just a rock.”

“I know,” I replied … “But, I collect rocks too!”