STOP! Don’t throw it away.

To discard is to get rid of as useless or unpleasant.

Just because something is chipped, cracked or broken doesn’t deem it ready to be trashed. There’s beauty in some discarded items. It’s very important one looks closely … study it … the beauty is there.

I’m slow in spotting it from time to time, but I do hold on to my purchases and sooner or later, quick as lightning an idea pops in my head and the transformation begins.

One day I stopped at a garage sale. It’s hard for me to leave empty-handed. I usually wander around until I find something.

On this particular day, I spotted an old, dark blue granite pan holding nails, nuts and bolts and screws. It was flat, shaped like a cobbler pan, but lists in the Sears and Roebuck catalogue price guide as a milk pan. I sensed it was in bad shape, but I kept going back to it…picking it up and putting it down.

Finally I asked…

“How much for the old granite pan?”

“Fifty cents,” was the lady’s reply

“I’ll take it,” I said.

While searching in my purse for change, the lady replied “That’s for the pan and contents quarter.”

“That’s for the pan and contents. You can have the old pan for a quarter.”

I was elated until I started dumping the contents into a plastic container, getting her permission to do so. It was in worse shape than I had anticipated, but I still recognized that old pan’s potential.

After thoroughly cleaning it, I splattered it with acrylic paint, using a worn-out paint brush. I let it dry, which didn’t take long and sprayed it with a coat of shellac and in minutes that old milk pan was gracing my kitchen wall. Now I have a dozen or more in different sizes and colors added to my collection and continue to look for them.

Sometimes, if lucky, I find them in good shape and without chips. If so, I don’t splatter them, but I really prefer the ones in poor condition. It’s a challenge to . see the results after a few minutes work.

As my collection grows, I’ve added different shaped pans. I even splattered a flat one for the dog’s food.

I didn’t realize I was a granite pan collector until I counted them one day and isn’t a collection an accumulation of objects gathered to exhibit…and enjoy?