In 1867, a group of dedicated people formed the Greenwood Methodist Church. This November it will celebrate one hundred fifty years of service to God and to Greenwood. When one celebrates a birthday a celebration is called for. So friends, neighbors, members and former members mark your calendar for the celebration of a hundred fifty years on November 19, 2017. Plans are underway for the celebration. In order for it to be the best your memories are needed.

So many of my memories concern the church. When I was too young to go to school I would go with Mama to the Missionary Society meetings. The meetings were held in homes of the members. No member would have attended one of the meetings without their hats and gloves. These meetings were very important for the women. One such meeting was held at the home of the late Mrs. John W. Bell. Her husband was Post Master, a very important person, “So I thought.” In my young mind they must be really rich because she had BEAUTIFUL LACE CURTAINS. I was so impressed by those curtains that I dreamed of some day having a big house with the windows covered with lace curtains. After the tornado and we built our new house I had big windows that called for lace curtains. I just didn’t have the money to buy them. I was determined that some day, some way, I would have them. When I moved from Greenwood I had lace curtains not only in my living room I even had them in my bedroom. I had become rich at last! (Joking) When I moved I could not use them. At least my dream came true for a little while. I am laughing to myself as I write this as I can just see myself admiring the lace curtains in the home of our “rich” neighbors. The Bells were our neighbors.

If you have a memory concerning the church please write it down. More information about the celebration will come later as the time draws nearer. November is a long time off. Mark your calendar now so you won’t make other plans for that date. A celebration will not be the same without y ou. I promise I won’t mention “Lace Curtains.”