Well, another year has passes and I’m happy to say that with it comes another list of weather folklore wisdom found in my 2017 Almanac.

The Almanac is a reference folks can reach for when they’re curious about what the road ahead might look like if they’re looking for a game to play with the family or when they feel like passing a little time with a humorous story or two. I love reading my Almanac.

Over the years everyone from farmers to sailors have looked for ways to read the weather…and while there is no guarantee they’ll work, here are some old adages I hope when you read them…they’ll keep you warm and dry.


A red sky in the evening means the next day will be clear.

A rainbow in the morning usually indicates clear skies for the rest of the day.

Birds flying high in the sky means good weather will continue throughout the day.

Winds blowing from the west is a sign of mild weather to come.


A red sky in the mourning is a sign of bad weather later that day.

A rainbow in the evening predicts rain the following day.

When the moon has a halo at night, it’s a sign of rain or snow.

Birds flying low in the sky is an indication of rain.

I read in my new Almanac that 43% of all statistics are useless. So what? I still enjoy reading those bits of wisdom and knowledge like…”RED SKY AT NIGHT SAILOR’S DELIGHT”, don’t you?