Just supposing we started this very day, to live our lives in a different way, just supposing we vowed and constantly tried, to help those in trouble on life’s wayside; if we showed by our doing a hint of His love, wouldn’t this earth be more like Heaven above?

I was searching for something the other day and ran across a box of old greeting cards that once belonged to my mother-in-law, Nora Gamble. I’m sure glad she was a keeper of cards and things. Now they are mine and I share on in particular, hoping it holds joy and happiness for those who read it…and carry you through the week.

On Monday: Look for a smile today and return it, with one of your own…give someone new faith and hope, it’s such a beautiful loan.

On Tuesday: Gather a thought that’s kind, one that’s sincere and deep…but be sure to pass it along for such are too precious to keep.

On Wednesday: Forget yesterday’s old sorrows, mistakes, sadness and pain…lift your heart with hope and song, as flowers to sun and rain.

On Thursday: Offer a word of comfort and prayer to help someone in need…a little thoughtful gift, some flowers or a smile makes us all rich indeed.

On Friday: You shall not pass this way again, so do any good you can do, don’t put it off until tomorrow or the chance may be lost for you.

On Saturday: Today will soon be a memory, so don’t let it come to an end, without a smile…without a song, or just a word with a friend.

On Sunday: Don’t let worry and care depress you, or brush the day’s joy away, but rise and give thanks to God above for his love and another “Blest Day!”