As all of you know I believe in angels. I think we all have a Guardian Angel. I know for sure sister Jane has one. She was out in her backyard a few days ago just as it was getting dusky dark. She heard a bird singing and it was getting louder and louder. She looked up at the roof top to see what kind of bird was singing so loud. I don’t think she knew what kind of bird it was. Much to her surprise when she looked up at her roof top she discovered one of the wind turbines on the rooftop was lying on its side. Had that little bird not been singing so loud she would not have noticed the turbine not being in place. What a mess her house would have been in when it came a downpour of rain a day later.

I am still dumb founded as to WHO FIXED my cabinet drawer. I had a cabinet drawer that was hard to open. In fact it got to where it would open only a part of the way. One day when Jane was here I asked her to see if she could get it opened. She pulled on it really hard, it came out all right but not in one piece. We both tried to fix it but to no avail. I asked grandson Aaron to come fix it as the missing drawer left a big hole in the cabinet and I missed a drawer for my silverware. (Stainless steel) I had left the drawer in pieces leaning against the wall. One day I picked it up and it was all together. I asked son Bob if Aaron had been here and he replied, “I haven’t seen him.” I asked other family members if they had fixed it only to hear the word, NO. So….WHO fixed my cabinet drawer?? I told Bob my guardian angel had fixed its only to hear him say, ‘“Angels don’t fix broken cabinet drawers.” I said, “You want to bet?” My Mama believed in Guradian Angels. She told many stories about HER angel. I know without a doubt that my late sister, Maxine, and I had an angel when we were stranded when her car broke down along a highway banked with snow in Wyoming. The highway was covered with ice. The snow from the snow plow was at least three or four feet high all along the side of the road. The only clear space was where the car stopped. We raised the hood to find fluid leaking from the car. The only vehicles passing were eighteen wheelers. No one stopped until a real nice looking, well dressed, young man came along. I had tried to call AAA only to reach someone in Rhode Island. That was the days of car phones instead of cell phones. The young man looked at the car phone. He had never seen one before. He called the State Police. He knew the number. He also stayed with us until a State Trooper arrived. It seems our dilemma had been reported and the Trooper was on his way. Maxine said to the young man, “You are an angel” and he sasid, “I know.” When the Trooper arrived we looked around and the young man was gone. No vehicle…nothing. Was the young man an angel? Maxine and I thought so. The State Trooper called a wrecker which had to come forty miles so the Trooper stayed with us letting us sit in his car to keep warm. The forty mile ride in the wrecker on icy roads is another story. After two nights in Gillette, while the transmission of the car was being replaced, we were again on our way to Thompson Falls, Montana. The transmission problem probably saved our lives. When we left Gillette the roads were clear, the sun was shining. What were we doing on an icy road on the way to Montana? Taking her husband’s ashes to be buried at Thompson Falls. We thought spring had arrived only to hit a freak blizzard the last part of April We didn’t make it for the announced Memorial Service although I am thankful for a broken transmission that took us off an icy road. Which most likely saved our lives. A GUARDIAN ANGEL???