Do not misunderstand. Human goodness standing in and out of itself alone is filthy and ragged. But our knowledge of the good is not depraved in the same degree as our power to fulfill it. Imperfect sight it may be, but not blindness. Jesus treated the rich young man of Mathew chapter 19, seriously and respectfully. The man had judged Jesus good and to paraphrase, Jesus replies, “Why do you ask me concerning what is good? You inquire about good things. You need to know the Good Being. You must heed the call of my Father. Goodness originates with Him. Goodness is defined by Him. He makes good to exist.”

The quest for good, the agonizing of a soul driving forth for a solution to a heart ill at ease, fetches from the brow of our Lord His nod of approval. The young man counted the cost and rejected the good but he walked away knowing what it was. He was empty, but the universe was not. Goodness is uncreated. So also is love. It has always been so. It could not be otherwise. There are no other possible worlds. There are no might have beens. In the first moments of creation, God saw goodness. In the first moments of Adam, what God saw was very good. He has declared His law good, and in Jesus He shows good perfected in man. And presently for us and in eternity to Him, He works all things together for good.

Goodness shared its foundational existence with begetting and begotten Love. This love between begetting Father and begotten Son spills over like a fountain and infects those who get close. Nothing short of the unity of the self- caused life of the Eternal Father and Son would ever save. There was goodness and love in the agony in Gethsemane and there was goodness and love salving the pain of the cross. That should be infinitely enough to show us that the Glory of God is the giving of Himself. He is not a liar who hands out empty threats or a deceiver who sets us up to fail. He is I AM from Eternity. Then, now, or forever to come, God’s essence is Love and He is Good; infinitely, originally, and perfectly. In that you may safely trust. He is, “the same yesterday, today, and forever,” and He is, “no respecter of persons.” It is impossible for God to be (and still be God) unfair.