We are told men have been on the planet for 10,000 years. By 6,000 BC, civilizations had developed in Egypt, China, and the Tigris Euphrates valley. The first is thought to have been the Sumerian under Sargon I. Soon there existed Egyptian greatness in the Nile Valley under the Pharaohs of the great pyramids. Incas in Peru, Aztecs in Mexico, and Mayans in Central America, had cities and economies. North America was populated it is supposed by loose tribes of nature worshiping migrants from Siberia. Cuneiform and pictographs would give way someday, save in isolated China, to alphabets. Reading, writing, and corresponding, would shrink the world.

Each civilization called forth its own gods and built temples and ordained priesthoods. They propitiated their gods with blood sacrifices to obtain favor and avoid trouble, to win wars, raise crops, and have babies. G(g)ods rose up out of imaginations, dreams, nightmares, perverse desires, and purification requirements. G(g)ods were represented by grotesque animals (obese, malformed, hippopotamuses), human figures (grotesque or idealized), meteorites, odd shaped trees or rocks, and even mountains. Worship was very real, and very deadly, for the chosen sacrifice. The importance and sanctity of blood, the life force of the soma, was the best man had to offer and a dark world drank it up.

Into this place of many civilizations, millions of peoples, and hundreds of kingdoms, a man appears in the historical biblical record about 4000 years ago, 500 years after the mighty Babylonian emperor, Hammurabi. He was an Aramean, born in the Tigris Euphrates region, from Ur of the Chaldees, inheriting a worship of the Moon god. His name was Abram. He was a tribal leader that was rich in cattle, donkeys, camel, sheep, and goats, along with the necessary attendants to watch over them. One day in a manner not conveyed to us, he heard the voice of Almighty God speaking personally to him. The Genesis, record of creation, worldwide catastrophic flood, and Babel confusion, now leads us to this one man, listed as the tenth from Noah who was the tenth from Adam. The time was full for a further revelation. The fallen mass of humanity populated from Noah, perhaps a billion persons, searched futilely, desiring purification and blessing, but had no means to discover the true God truly for they were faulty, bent, and broken. God was infinitely too great, magnificently too other, to be conjured. He must be revealed.

“Abram, get thee unto a land I will shew thee, and I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee and thou shalt be a blessing.” The year was 2000 BC. Egypt had been a nation 4000 years. The pyramids were 3000 years old. Babylon had ruled, been conquered and ruled again. Phoenicians were sailing the Mediterranean and colonizing Tyre and Sidon in Asia Minor and Carthage in North Africa for their demon gods Moloch and Baal. The south half of Africa, enmeshed in equatorial jungle was isolated and illiterate. North America was sparsely populated and superstitious and the tribalism of Western Europe was dirty, barbaric, and savage.

Abram traveled southwestward to Palestine to the land of the Hittites. Of one man on a dark planet was required one thing; the faith of obedience. This faith of this man, who would be re-named Abraham by El-Shaddai, was soon to be tested, to our great benefit.

Genesis 12: Genesis 17:1