By: Lisa Walthall

Our homes define who we are. All of us have kept memorabilia over the years. We pack things away with the intentions of passing them along to our children or other family members, but sometimes things are forgotten about until we are looking for something or simply cleaning our homes out.

Sarah Barton Crosby, Charleston alumni was cleaning her house out prior to moving recently and came across her Uncle John McDonald’s high school diploma.

On May 18, 1917 John graduated from Charleston High School. Sarah has a lot of stories of her uncle John but one that many can remember is going to the old store in Vesta and having ice cream. Sarah said, “Uncle John was one of a kind. He always had a smile on his face and went above and beyond to help people out.”

Sarah took the diploma to Charleston School District Superintendent Jeff Stubblefield on May 18, 2017, exactly 100 years from the day the diploma was given to John McDonald. Mr. Stubblefield said, “It is an honor to have such a piece of history. We have taken the diploma and had it cleaned up and framed. The diploma will hang in the district’s boardroom.”