I am a “People Watcher”. In fact I think I was born to be one. I like to try to figure out what their occupation is. The expressions on their faces. Are they happy or sad. What is bothering them? When Garrison Avenue was in full swing, before Central Mall, Frank and I would drive to Fort Smith to park on the avenue to people watch. That was Saturday night entertainment for a lot of people. People dressed up to shop on Garrison. None of what you see in the big malls and shopping centers today.

I have a summer job. Kid sitting. I stay with my 6 year old great while her Mother is in school. It is amazing what kids know today. A lot of things they don’t need to know. Megan is playing on some electronic gadget most of the time. Yesterday I took her to McDonalds. She told me she needed to get some socks so she could play in the play area. I learned real quick why a lot of children don’t abide by the rules. The rules in the play area states children must wear socks to play. Megan knows this and was the only child of the many playing that had on socks. Most of the Mothers were sitting there either texing or talking on a cell phone. They had just ignored the signs about the use of socks. There was one big girl, who looked to be thirteen or fourteen, playing with her SHOES on. Whose fault is it when children are not taught to obey signs? Some may think I am making a big deal out of the kids not wearing socks but rules are rules and parents should abide by them and teach their children that the rules are made for all of them.

I love a good mystery except when it concerns me. I still don’t know WHO fixed my cabinet drawer if it wasn’t my angel. Another mystery is a missing lawn chair. I had stored the THREE of them stacked in the corner of my patio. When I pulled them out to clean them this spring there was only two. I began to wonder, did I have two or three? If I have three cushions I know I had three chairs. Guess what? I had three cushions. What happened to my other chair? It was an Adirondack type chair. Why did they just take one? There was a large bag of potting soil in the top chair. Since I have lived here I’ve had someone cut a piece out of a water hose and take one of my bird feeders. Connie had a topiary right by her front door. It had lights and a timer. Someone took it from her porch. I guess whoever took her tree and my chair must not have been taught to observe rules. They must not have worn socks in the play area!