An old AESOP’s fable told of a man who bought a black slave, thinking his skin was unhealthy, he gave him treatments to make him white, the man stayed black, but the treatments killed him.

Years ago a woman who worked in a doctor’s office told me her doctor, checking her neck for skin condition, told her “Lily, you need to stay out of sun and cover up, use sunscreen, If you want your kids to have a tan, marry a man from India.”

I laughed then, but I’m not laughing now, a man I grew up with walked around without a hat and died of skin cancer, when I moved membership from one church to another both pastors had cancer on an ear and both died from it. Stay away from tanning beds and tanning pills, wear sunglasses, with disappearing ozone layer and global warming, there’s an epidemic of skin cancer in this land.

Nick Nixon