The squirrels are back and I had thought they had left me for good. Or maybe it was for the food they had left my trees. I didn’t realize that I really had missed them. This morning there was four chasing each other round and round a tree. They are a lot of fun to watch. I guess they are back along with friends from across the street.

I can’t believe it was too cool to sit out on the patio this morning. That is my favorite place for my early morning devotions. Day light is arriving a little later now that fall is on its way.

I love brother Jim’s early morning weekly visits especially when he brings a Happy Day Surprise. Jane and I feel very fortunate to have a brother who pays us weekly visits. Niece Barbara and sister Jane came by yesterday. Barbara had receive the results from the DNA she had done on me. It is real interesting to see the results of mine, Jim’s and Jane’s. They are all alike but different if that makes sense. For instance I have a little more Scandinavian than Jane and Jim. I have 20% while they both have 13%. I am 90% European while Jim is 94%, Jane 96%. I am 15% Ireland they have none. I have 15% Great Britain while Jim has 36% British Isle and Jane 67%. I don’t know how this works nor do I really know how to read the results. I know all three of us are more European than anything else. Barbara says we are probably more German and French than anything. What was the biggest surprise to me is no Indian in our DNA. All my life I was told that I had a many Great Grandfather by the name of Chief Thunder Moon. I have always believed it. I have even told my two children , plus the grandchildren and the Greats. Since my childhood years I have told that. Don’t ask me where I got it. Most likely from my older brother Pat. Jane has some Italian in her DNA that may be where she got her brown eyes. I guess Jim and I get our blue eyes from our Scandinavian ancestry. I was always told that my grandmother Bolin came from Wales. Did she or did she not? It may be like my Great Thunder Moon. There are four children in our Bolin family. Pat and Jane with brown eyes, Jim and me with blue. As the lady on TV says her biggest shocker was finding out she was part Native American mine was when I found out I didn’t have any. It has really been interesting and I am glad Niece Barbara gave me such a fun Happy Day Surprise. Brother Jim has always told people that there had never been a DNA on me to prove I was kin to him. One thing is for sure he can’t deny me as his sister anymore