Potato Hill 5 miles south of Charleston is well known to the people of Charleston. Fourth grade teacher Katy Mahan wanted a cedar Christmas tree for her classroom. But the 6 boys could not agree on a tree and wound up on the top of Potato Hill (prior to camp (Fort) Chaffee). The boys finally found a tree and chopped it down, then arrived at the WPA Gym and were greeted by teacher Mahan who hugged Buster (That was special to him).

Boy scouting was important- to get promoted to First Class they had to make a 14-mile hike, from Charleston to the hill 2-miles west of Bloomer, Ark. is 7-miles. The Scouts made that trip. Buster had enough space relation to graduate first in gunnery at the Artillery School in Oklahoma. He previously had finished Infantry Basic and Leadership School at Fort Riley, Kansas.

He was stationed in Japan at South Camp, Mt. Fuji, serving as Cadre, training replacements.

Seven artillery school classmates died in the Korean war according to a survivor who got in a cave.

Buster (CHS, 1948) left the military with 31 months of QI benefits and he and wife Wanda furthered their education at UA Fayetteville and later Purdue.