Both no size and infinite size are undefinable. In a blinding pulse of glory, at creation moment, from nothing became space beyond conception. We are told the universe is ten billion light years in diameter. This should not be understood as a matter of time but one of distance. Using the distance of stars from any point as a depiction for times of beginning is nonsensical for beyond the speed of light is the eternal where time descriptions become meaningless. What God was doing before He created time – and light - cannot be verbalized. Is it not provoking that language equates ‘light’ as knowledge, awareness, understanding, and wisdom? Some knot head at one time said or wrote that God could be defined as “a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” Nonsense here surfaces again owning no burden of calling like claimed understandings to references to the curvature of space. Such is man, a believing body who once having claimed a soapbox is very hard to persuade his slats are wobbly and breakable.

Alas it is, that mind will risk all for the self-aggrandizement of pretense of knowledge. Idle babble spews forth as a self-propagating monster. Professor – “They actually believe in my brilliance!” Initiate – “Wow, this is highbrow! Hear the force of those words; evolve attraction, pulsate, cosmic empathy! What the Hey, I will buy in and meekly strut an intellect. ” But it is education with no gravitas, “false humility and a worship of angels, intruding into unseen things, vainly puffed up by a carnal mind.” Revelation must not be considered in this separation of study because no intrusion of I AM is allowed.

Middle Age scholars and original scientists believed nothing could be proven that was not self-evident and that grasping a self-evident truth equaled understanding. (Meek strutters may take time here to chuckle with colleagues.) Reason, they mused, journeyed from one self-evident truth to another, thus proving a third. As Larry the Cable Guy might say, “That was a time of real scientific method right there.”

It was commonly thought in days of yore that all perfect things were prior to all imperfect things. How quaint. Is it not weird that when a plurality of human thinking comes to dislike an old theory (visa vie hypothesis, experiment, theory, proof ) scientific phenomenon for a new one will obediently turn up? New hypothetical evidence, (yawn) and science, sometimes rightfully and thankfully, may comment on nature’s notes, but the true text is Christianity. Suspicion that the cosmos came into being through random chance over necessary eons of an uncreated time is a bitter belief. However to moderns, with everything on the instant, including global communication; multitasking becomes the virtue and Christianity may be set aside. Walking, talking, and working concurrently; precious time, perpetual youth, narcissistic productivity; please hurry. Grandfather time informs that he is money, rational thought is a time killer, and measureable distances are irrelevant.

Still, a general revelation of wild creation is made public to all and Jesus and His Bible broadcast a special revelation of God’s personal attention to all who will listen. The Father in Heaven now christens time as our mode of being but someday birthing from its bosom at the threshold of eternity will come the Day of the Lord when “every knee shall bow and every eye shall see.” Jesus Christ is even now present in the light, beckoning. Jesus, the Alpha and Omega who was born, lived, died, resurrected, and ascended, in time. Invitations for homecoming are here, now, in our time. Inquire at His door. Forever will be here soon. It arrives sure enough to all. When it does, I wouldn’t count on the cosmos for a pillow.

Proverbs 9:10, Colossians 2:18, Psalms 19:1-4, Romans 1:20, Philippians 2:10, Luke 11:9-10.