Mt. Hope Missionary Baptist Church would like to thank Platinum Doors & Paint in Charleston (Mark, Phillip, Andy, and Jeff Terry, and employees Matt Murray and Duane Berry) for their donation to the re-construction of our Sanctuary. This past summer the church discovered during a service that the roof and ceiling were about to collapse. After looking into it further, we believe that it was caused by high winds that occurred during the previous weeks. Of course, State Auto Insurance Co felt like it was not storm related and denied the claim, leaving our church to basically rebuild our sanctuary at our own expense. Platinum Doors & Paint was very helpful in donating the doors, trim and paint for the reconstruction. Other contractors, such as sheet rock finisher Buddy Sessums, trim carpenter Curtis Perry, and insulation installer Wayne with Wynnona’s Insulation, were also helpful in discounting their labor cost. We are very appreciative and thankful for all of you.

Mt. Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Steve Haney