Fascats July 7th- July 30th

Fascats is a 4 week speed and strength program for any athlete, between the 3rd-12th grade that want to improve his/her athletic performance. The emphasis is on improving speed, quickness, lateral movement, agility, and strength. The program incorporates the latest coaching techniques in speed and strength training. Every athlete can benefit from enrollment in this program by improving his/her speed, strength, quickness, and explosiveness.

On every Monday and Tuesday after Fascats speed camp, with the exception of the first day, Monday, July 7th, Coach Kendrick will have a quarterback training program for all quarterbacks in Charleston, grades 4-12, from 10:40 – 11:30. During these session, the quarterbacks will work on the fundamentals and the basic skills used to play the position. Each participant should provide their own football. These sessions will last approximately 50 minutes. This program is free to any athlete enrolled in the Fascats football and speed camp.

Total cost of the Fascats football and speed camp is $60.00. Please send application, payment, and copy of physical to: Greg Kendrick, 800 Charmont Drive, Charleston, Ar 72933

Please make checks payable to Greg Kendrick.

If you have any questions, please call Greg Kendrick @ (479) 883-2648 or email at: gkendrick@tigersmail.org

The Fascats football and speed camps are high intensity training camps. Every participant should have a physical prior to the start of the camp. Please attach a copy of the physical to the enrollment form.