A proposed millage extension for the County Line School District did not pass during a special election Tuesday.

Of the 291 total votes counted in the County Line School District special election, 130 were in favor of it while 161 were against it, according to unofficial results provided by Franklin County Clerk De Anna Schmalz.

Residents cast their votes on a proposed 36.1 mill school tax, a sample ballot states. County Line School District Superintendent Taylor Gattis had previously said said the vote was for an extension, not an increase. If the issue had passed, the millage would have been extended from 2031 through 2048.

A post on the County Line School District Facebook page dated Jan. 3 states the extension was a $5.35 million re-funding and construction bond issue that would have provided more than $3.09 million for the purpose of refinancing the district’s bonds dated Oct. 1, 2012. It would have also produced around $2.1 million for renovating, remodeling and equipping the existing gymnasium, as well as building, refurbishing, remodeling and equipping other school facilities.

"We're disappointed that it did not pass, but at County Line, we're still committed to providing the students here with a quality education, and an opportunity for quality extracurricular activities as well," Gattis said. "We are disappointed, but we'll continue to have a good school here and continue to provide a good education for our kids."