Arkansas Community Foundation was built byand for the people of Arkansas, however, they don’t work alone. Anyone can make a gift or establish an endowment through ARCF, you then become a part of a family of philanthropists working together to make our state and our county a better place.

Arkansas Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes smart giving to improve communities. They offer tools to help a diversified group of organization here in our county to fulfill their needs and meet community needs and concerns.

By making grants and sharing knowledge, ARCF supports charitable programs that work for Arkansas and partner to create new initiatives that address the gaps.  They are here for the long-term to help us improve our neighborhood, our town, our county and our state. 

FreedomWay Ministries is one of those organizations to receive a grant this year and we want to say THANK YOU  Cleburne County Community Foundation an affiliate of Arkansas Community Foundation.