A man accused of attacking two people with a baseball bat was arrested on Saturday in Fort Smith.

Travis Lee Detweiler of Fort Smith was arrested on suspicion of felony second-degree domestic battery with a deadly weapon, second-degree battery and a parole violation. His arrest stems from actions following an argument with his wife, according to his arrest report.

Around 11 p.m. Saturday, Detweiler told Fort Smith police officer Zachary Hall he had met his wife at an apartment in the 8200 block of U.S. 271 South to exchange some property with her. He said she then hit him with a baseball bat, and he was then attacked by another man and woman who were present at the time of the incident.

The wife showed Hall marks on her leg that she said were from when he came into the apartment and took her to the ground. She said Detweiler entered the apartment and started arguing with her and then took her to the ground and tried choking her with the bat. She said Detweiler had a history of beating her, the report states.

The man who Detweiler said attacked him told Hall he intervened when he saw Detweiler choking his wife with the bat. He said Detweiler became aggressive with him and he hit Detweiler in the head with the bat, the report states.

The apartment owner told Hall that Detweiler was not welcome at the apartment complex, and that he had caused a disturbance when he arrived there, the report states.

A woman next door to the apartment told Hall she also tried to intervene, but he hit her in the ribs twice with the baseball bat, the report states.

Hall arrested Detweiler after the apartment owner and another woman in the apartment told him the man's, woman's and wife's stories were true.

Detweiler remained in custody Monday in lieu of a $5,000 bond, according to arrest records.