America’s Drive-In says #ThanksTeach during Teacher Appreciation Month

Sonic Drive-In, a longtime supporter of public school teachers through its Limeades for Learning initiatives, celebrated Teacher Appreciation Month throughout the month of May with the third-annual #ThanksTeach social media campaign to recognize, celebrate and reward teachers.

In addition to sharing inspiring stories of real teachers — and encouraging others to do the same with the hashtag #ThanksTeach — SONIC’s $1 million donation was shared among more than 5,000 public school teachers across the country, including on teacher at Booneville Elementary School,

In the Fort Smith/Fayetteville areas $16,600 is going to 83 teachers.

Sonic said #ThanksTeach to each teacher with a $200 gift card to, Sonic’s non-profit partner for Limeades for Learning that inspires teachers to create innovative learning projects and request the materials or experiences they need most for their classrooms. Teachers can either apply the $200 Sonic donation to their own projects on, or gift the donation to another deserving teacher.

For a full list of public schools where teachers received a $200 #ThanksTeach donation, including those in your community, visit

“At a time when teachers spend an average of $500 of their own money to supply their classrooms, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Month by supporting more than 5,000 teachers in cities near Sonic Drive-ins. These teachers are our customers, they teach our crew members and they are an integral part of the communities in which we operate,” said Christi Woodworth, vice president of public relations for Sonic. “We’ve asked everyone to share #ThanksTeach on social media, and in turn Sonic is showing our gratitude with a $1 million donation to our partner to impact 5,000 classrooms coast to coast.”

Everyone can get involved in #ThanksTeach by sharing stories on social media using photos, videos or a written message. Facebook fans can Smile to Say #ThanksTeach via a Facebook augmented reality camera effect that springs to life when the user smiles into the camera on their mobile phone, creating a video or photo that can be easily shared on the platform. Search the hashtag #ThanksTeach to see real teacher stories shared by Sonic and others during Teacher Appreciation Month.

To learn more about Limeades for Learning and #ThanksTeach, visit Limeades for Learning and explore public school teacher projects in the Booneville community in need of support.